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Anleitung: wie man sein altes Apple iPad recycled …

Wenn man ein neues iPad kauft, stellt sich oft die Frage, was man mit seinem alten iPad macht. Das Wired-Magazin hat dazu eine Umfrage gemacht, hier die besten Ideen (in Englisch) dazu:

Load up a YouTube video of a cat and give it to your dog as a chew toy. –News Editor Kevin Poulsen

Play frisbee in the dark. –Michael Salvador, production staff

File off the “2″ and sell it to an unsuspecting “lamestream media” exec. – Editor in Chief Evan Hansen

Give it to Beer Robot. He will remember you did when he achieves World Domination (which will undoubtedly be more difficult with just the original iPad he has now). –Wired Science Senior Editor Betsy Mason

Use it as a cutting board. –Poulsen

Did I mention the coaster… –New York Bureau Chief John C. Abell

An interactive license plate to show your current road rage levels, gas, speed, current music playing, and intoxication levels –Salvador

Send it to Mike Daisey so he actually knows what an iPad looks like. –Threat Level Editor Ryan Singel

Turn it into the face for an autonomous robot. –Gadget Lab Staff Writer Christina Bonnington

Tell your grandma you got her an iPhone for seniors. –Wired Enterprise Staff Writer Caleb Garling

Attach a chain and become neo-Flava Flav with a digital clock app. –Salvador

Give it to your IT guys and ask them to simply open it up and upgrade it to a new iPad. –Wired Systems Support Analyst Josh Strom

Send it wrapped as a gift to the workers at Foxconn. –Director of Editorial Development Shoshana Berger

Use it as a Conan belt buckle to show your latest wall posts on Facebook and Twitter. Social networking for your waist! –Salvador

Turn it off, hang it in the shower and use it as the world’s most reflective shaving mirror. –Poulsen

Get a square magnifying glass to cover the screen and pretend it is Retina display. –Singel

Permanent Apple TV remote control. –Bonnington

Keep using you first-generation iPad and have it both ways: You have an iPad but you can also sneer at the fanboys lining up for the shiny new one. –Abell

Lop off a few inches, load a second-rate OS, and pretend you’re Jeff Bezos. –Wired Enterprise Senior Editor Cade Metz

Attach iPad 2 to the headrest of an autonomous car driver seat with someone sleeping displayed on screen. –Salvador

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